e the intrinsic value of gold is never challenged

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  So when is it a good time to buy silver or even gold if you are still so inclined? Anytime between now and a global depression, when you will presumably spend it to maintain a supply of food clothes, shelter, purchase raw and finished commodities, pay wages, make loans, etc. Individuals, small and large businesses, small and large banks should all have a stock of silver bullion from which they can profit from while stabilizing their local economy with liquid barter money.

  You invest a fixed amount of money periodically over a fixed period of time. This in a rising gold price market initially will bring in more gold than the later investments. The benefits of this system is that over a period of time when the markets fluctuate, your investment is going to be marginalized and you will suffer less than if you had invested the entire amount in one go.

  Oh well, the music will soon stop; and though the banker appears to have the only chair, that chair has no legs, so the game must start over from scratch; i.e., candles, hand tools, hard money, physical labor.

  Since the intrinsic value of gold is never challenged and the fact remains that it is a true reserve currency to the world, an investment in gold at any point (unless it is going over the roof and is due to correct itself imminently) is a safe method to store your net values. One way to ensure that the value of gold your investing is averaged out and represents a lower end of the price rise is to employ a method of Dollar Cost averaging.

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